7 Rick Ross & Meek Mill Collaborations To Revisit Before "Too Good To Be True"

Rick Ross and Meek Mill's musical synergy is unmatched.

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When it comes to powerhouse collaborations in hip-hop, few duos can match the dynamic energy of Rick Ross and Meek Mill. Since the early 2010s, these two prolific artists have joined forces on numerous tracks, leaving a lasting impact on the rap scene. Ross took Meek under his wing as one of the primary artists on MMG and cemented the label as a powerhouse. These days, the two are readying the release of their forthcoming joint project, Too Good To Be True, and recently shared the project's tracklist. Led by the singles “Shaq & Kobe,” its remix with Dame Lillard and Shaq, as well as “Lyrical Eazy,” Too Good To Be True is already shaping up into the collaborative project that we’ve been longing for.

Ahead of the release of Too Good To Be True, we decided to highlight 7 of their collaborations that are worth revisiting. In no particular order, these 7 songs have helped form the foundation that serves as the launching pad for their upcoming project. Check it out below. 

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"Ima Boss" 

One of the earliest and most impactful collaborations between Rick Ross and Meek Mill was the 2011 hit, "Ima Boss." This high-energy anthem not only solidified Meek Mill's presence in the rap game but also showcased the seamless partnership between the two artists. Furthermore, Meek Mill's fiery delivery and Ross's authoritative presence combine to create a track that remains a staple in hip-hop playlists.

"Tupac Back" 

Released in the same year as "Ima Boss," "Tupac Back" is another track that stands out in their catalog. Serving as the lead single for MMG's debut compilation, Self Made Vol. 1, Rick Ross and Meek Mill pay homage to the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur. Moreover, their clever wordplay and intense energy attempt to channel the spirit of Tupac, making it a memorable tribute to one of the greatest rappers of all time.

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"Off The Corner”

In 2014, Rick Ross and Meek Mill joined forces for "Off The Corner," a gritty track that reflects their experiences transitioning from the streets to the rap game. The song was released as a loose single in the lead up to Meek Mill’s sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. The record captures their authenticity and the essence of their past while embracing their current success.

"So Sophisticated"

A highlight from God Forgives, I Don’t, “So Sophisticated” marked an elevation in their collaborative streak. The two rappers attack blistering production with ease, showcasing their lyrical prowess and chemistry. Additionally, this track showcases their ability to elevate the hip-hop game with their seamless partnership and captivating verses.

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"Believe It" 

A gem from Meek Mill's debut album, Dreams And Nightmares, “Believe It" quickly became a street anthem and an underrated cut off of the project. This track underscores the creative synergy between Rick Ross and Meek Mill. The two cleverly describe the drug trade, using two of the biggest pop stars of the time – Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber – as euphemisms for cocaine and heroin. The anthem exudes confidence and celebratory feelings, describing th As they trade verses, the two artists paint vivid pictures of their respective journeys, from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of success.

"Lamborghini Doors"

In 2017, Rick Ross released the album Rather You Than Me, which included the track "Lamborghini Doors" featuring Meek Mill and Anthony Hamilton. Although a number of entries on this list include the two tackling boisterous trap production, “Lamborghini Doors” leaned into the definitive Maybach Music Sound. The lush orchestral production, paired with Anthony Hamilton’s smooth vocals, allows the two to share introspective bars reflecting on their rising status. 

"What's Free"

From Meek Mill’s Championships, "What's Free" is a standout track featuring not only Rick Ross but also the legendary Jay-Z. While it's a collaboration between the three artists, it's worth mentioning for the dynamic verses delivered by Ross and Meek. Their contributions complement Jay-Z's legendary status, making it a track that captures the essence of freedom and success in the rap game.

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