Rick Ross & Meek Mill Discuss The "GOAT" Conspiracy, Reveal Drake Collab Coming

Ross and Meek shared their favorite theories and revealed one feature from "Too Good To Be True."

BYBen Mock
Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - September 28, 2023

Rick Ross and Meek Mill recently sat down with Complex to discuss many things, including conspiracies. Specifically, the two rap icons discussed what the "GOAT" conspiracy was. "I signed up for TikTok...I've being going down a rabbit hole every night before I go to sleep. I can't tell you if its Nikola Telsa...How the Pyramids were built...The Alaskan ice wall...I'm all over the place y'all," Meek began. "The aliens...the Greys...I'm on a journey at nighttime." However, Ross hit him with an old classic in response. "The GOAT conspiracy theory...Everybody been on my DMs the last two months about being on Star Isle. So it's the Illuminati." The pair then joked about both being in the Illuminati.

Now everyone knows about the Illuminati but what f-ck is Meek on about? By "Nikola Telsa", he's like referring to free energy suppression. This is a theory that Telsa invented a source of free perpetual energy that was then suppressed by Thomas Edison and the US government. Meanwhile, many people believe that the Pyramids were built by aliens or a forgotten mega-civilization that lived at the end of the age of the last ice age. Finally, "Alaskan ice wall" is a sub-conspiracy of the Flat Earth that states that the flat earth is ringed by a giant, impassable wall of ice.

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Ross And Meek Collabing With Drake

Elsewhere in the feature, the pair were asked about the "GOAT Drake Feature", which prompted a reveal from Meek. "Meek Milly and Rosé, we f-cking with the boy heavily. Listen out for it on some of the new sh-t that's coming out very soon, you hear?" Meek revealed. "You better believe it," Ross chimed in. Of course, both men have a long history of collabing with Drizzy. Ross' last collab with Drak was 2021's "You Only Live Twice". Meanwhile, Meek's last track with the Six God was 2019's "Going Bad".

The track will likely appear on Ross and Meek's joint album which they announced back in September. Too Good To Be True will be released "ASAP" according to the pair. Furthermore, they already teased fans with the album's sound by dropping the single "Shaq & Kobe". Additionally, they then released a remix of the track featuring Damian Lillard and Shaq himself.

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Ross And Meek Swap Conspiracies: Watch

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