Drake is one of the biggest artists globally. In fact, it’s hard to find another artist that can possibly be bigger than Drake himself. Well, there are a few however, Drake is definitely up there. The Toronto rapper recently posted a picture of the home studio in his apartment where many active members of the Beyhive picked up on the fact that he has a massive poster of Beyonce on his wall.

Drake and his OVO artist, Baka, posted pictures to their Instagram promoting Baka’s upcoming project 4 Milli. However, that clearly wasn’t the focal point of this. As the picture hit the gram, many people on social media had picked up that he had a massive 6 foot tall poster of Beyonce. Realistically, it’s pretty hard to spot if you’re just skimming through but you know Beyonce fans, they are detail oriented.

One keen Twitter user’s eye had picked up on the fact that he had it hanging on the left-side of the wall. She posted the picture of Beyonce on the poster, next to Drake’s Instagram post. “Drake has a 6 foot Beyoncé portrait in his recording studio.” they tweeted.

He has already made it quite clear that he is also a member of the Beyhive when he dropped “Girls Love Beyonce” in 2013. The two later collaborated on Beyonce’s “Mine.” While his music has also been a solid blend of R&B and hip hop, there’s no doubt that Beyonce has had an influence on him as well. Plus, it’s Beyonce, there’s really no need to explain why you have a poster of her in your home. 

In all honesty, this is far from out of character of Drake and potentially one of his more tame homages to an icon. He’s previously been seen with portraits of Rihanna, Lil Wayne and Sade inked up on his body. While we have yet to see a Beyonce tattoo, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him rocking her face on his arm at some point. 

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Drake Has Huge Poster Of Beyonce In His Studio