DJ Akademiks Breaks Down Halle Bailey & DDG Situation In An NSFW Fashion

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Amid a whole lot of pregnancy rumors for the couple, the media personality's input certainly leans into that scandalous nature.

A lot of ink's been spilled about DDG and Halle Bailey, the celebrity couple that seems to face a lot of backlash online. Moreover, a lot of that is aimed at the rapper, and a lot of the responses to it have come directly from him. While the R&B singer and actress keeps things a bit more low-key, she became the subject of a lot of pregnancy rumors online. Furthermore, a lot of media outlets and figures chimed in on the matter, including one DJ Akademiks. In quite the lewd, raunchily unfiltered, and frankly disrespectful way, he provided somewhat of an analysis of their situation that didn't skimp out on egregious detail.

"Look at my man DDG," DJ Akademiks reacted to a picture of the couple together. "Caught Rubi Rose, he realized that she was- yo... like, come on. 'Skreets!' You know what I mean? Did his thing, [clapped], released her. Let the streets pay the tab, you feel me? Caught Halle- Disney's little princess, little queen, very pristine image. Listen, you know she gon' have that extra long money that's gonna be longer than the rap money? Aight, bet. Time to nut in the gut, yeah, uh-huh. It's about time, yup! That's the new meta.

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DJ Akademiks Speaks On Halle Bailey & DDG

"Getting Rubi Rose pregnant?" DJ Akademiks asked. "Like, yeah, she look good, but... Getting Halle Bailey pregnant? [thumbs up]. No more getting bum-a** b***hes pregnant. That's a dub. Every n***a trying to get put up like A$AP Rocky, okay? You need your baby mama to be damn near literally you, man. Okay? We gon' have to start the movement, man, 'Stop Nutting In Worthless B***hes 2023.' Let's keep it a bean, chat. That's the new move! Your baby mama got something going on, she lit, she turnt.

"Y'all been clowning DDG the whole time," he concluded. "I see what DDG was doing with Halle. I'm like, yo, leave than man be. That boy's in there for a plan. Someone should tell that to Future... yeah, well... Someone should tell that to YoungBoy... well... A$AP Rocky, like, undoubtedly won. Like, undoubtedly won. And I gotta say, DDG caught a win with this, if she is pregnant." For more news and updates on DJ Akademiks, DDG, and Halle Bailey, stay posted on HNHH.

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