DJ Khaled Reacts To Drake's "For All The Dogs" Album

DJ Khaled is sharing his praise for the new album.

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DJ Khaled had an enthusiastic response to Drake's highly-anticipated album For All The Dogs, which dropped today. Fans should expect nothing less from Khaled, as he's been a long-standing Drake supporter for as long as the internet can remember. In a candid moment shared on his Instagram story today, Khaled expressed his excitement and eagerness to dive into Drake's latest musical masterpiece. "I'm gonna listen to the new Drake album from top to bottom and catch a vibe," Khaled announced before getting in his ride. Khaled continued to share stories of himself vibing to the music in the car. "The 6 God and Cole is crazy, we been wanting that for a long time," Khaled said as "First Person Shooter," played in the background.

The speakers were blasting loud and clear in every frame. But DJ Khaled didn't stop at sharing his enthusiasm for Drake's music. He also dropped a bombshell regarding his own forthcoming album, "2024 the album." With his signature charisma and infectious energy, Khaled teased that his album was shaping up to be nothing short of incredible. "For all my fans out there, my album, 2024 the album, it's coming out incredible," he said. "I have two Drakes in the can, it's locked and loaded. 2024, lets talk more. It feels so great to have two in the can. Two Drakes ... I got it, (laughs)." Khaled bragged about having his favorite-collaborator on not just one, but two songs of his upcoming project.

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Khaled Is Excited About His Upcoming Album Too

Indeed, DJ Khaled leaves no stone unturned when it comes to sharing his excitement about featuring two Drake tracks on his upcoming project. Just a week ago, he made a grand entrance alongside Drake at his Miami concert. What caught everyone's attention was the large poster Khaled proudly displayed. The poster boldly declared, "I have 2 Drake songs on my new album, coming 2024." This move left no doubt in anyone's mind that Khaled is eager to make 2024 a year to remember for music lovers.

In other news, the internet has been reacting to For All The Dogs all day. With the 23-track project making its rounds on the internet, and fans have had mixed reactions towards it. "For All The Dogs was a fun listen but Drake was lying his a** off when he said this would sound like old drake," one user wrote on X. "Ppl thought Virginia Beach was gonna be a diss track, whole time Drake just singing his heart out over a Frank Ocean sample," another said. What are your thoughts on Drake's latest project? And where does it rank in his discography? Let us know your thoughts on HNHH!

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