Kid Cudi Teases "Star Trek" Campaign, Reveals His Favorite Artist To Collab With

Kid Cudi's collaboration with "Star Trek" is due in October.

BYCaroline Fisher
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Kid Cudi recently hopped on Instagram, announcing a new collaboration he has on the way with Star Trek. The “Boldly Be” collab is set to include a song, apparel, and a gaming component. It drops in October of this year, and “reflects the optimistic and inclusive spirit of adventure, discovery, imagination, and most importantly, hope, at the heart of the cultural phenomenon.”

“I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad who is single-handedly responsible for turning me into a fan,” Kid Cudi says of the upcoming collab. “The most important thing to me is to be as authentic as possible. Star Trek’s mission has always been about having a hopeful future and when I was first approached about this project it was the perfect marriage of all the things I believe in – being brave and a hero by doing what’s right and fighting for freedom. I can’t wait to share my love of this incredible franchise with the world.”

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Kid Cudi's Star Trek Collab Due In October

On the topic of collaborations, Kid Cudi also recently revealed who his favorite artist is to collaborate with. He shared his thoughts on Twitter, claiming that his go-to collaborator is Travis Scott. "Travis is intimidating too," he wrote. "But we have such chemistry and we create in harmony. It's easy really. My favorite person to collab with. When we did 'The Scotts,' man, it was a magical moment. We knew that sh*t was outta here."

Kid Cudi recently shared the news that the release of his upcoming album, INSANO, is pushed back until January. Though the delay came as a disappointment to fans eagerly awaiting the release, he dropped off a couple new tracks earlier this week in the meantime. Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Kid Cudi.

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