Blueface Says He And Chrisean Rock's Baby Should Have Been Named "Clout"

According to Blueface, he found out their child was being born through Instagram.

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Blueface recently hopped on social media, going on a Twitter spree against the mother of his newborn son, Chrisean Rock. Chrisean just had their child a few days ago, and ever since, there has seemed to be some tension between the two of them. Blueface has criticized Chrisean for hitting the gym too soon after birth, excluding him from the delivery, and more.

Blueface has also been vocal about his feelings on the child's name, which is Chrisean Jr. According to him, the baby's name seemed like a rushed decision, and he even says he feels bad for their son because of it. Overall, he feels as though a lot of Chrisean's activity on social media has simply been for attention. "Should have named the baby clout it would have had more meaning," he Tweeted today alongside of clip of Chrisean holding their son. "Only [thing] I’m bitter about is the name that was selfish she literally made a decision for 3 people her me [and] him…about herself."

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Blueface Pops Off On Twitter

"It’s about what’s best for the baby at this point f*ck me an chrisean differences," he continued. "I’m not jumping out the window if she wants to make it about herself maybe she thinks a son doesn’t need his dad because you guys encourage these selfish decisions." Blueface went on to further accuse Chrisean of chasing clout amid their newborn's arrival, claiming that he "found out [his] baby was being born on instagram."

Blueface also shared a screenshot of his text conversation with Chrisean, in which she tells him "sh*t can always be fixed." He responded to her message by claiming that she took their baby and "ran," adding that he'll "never forgive [her] for that." Though some fans were hopeful that Chrisean Jr.'s arrival could put their beef on pause, it doesn't show signs of slowing down any time soon. Keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Blueface and Chrisean Rock.

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