Sneako Claims He, Adin Ross, And FouseyTube Are Considering Starting A Content House

It's one hell of a lineup.

BYBen Mock
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Content houses are a concept that has lost much of its luster in recent years. Once seen as a surefire way to maximize networking and content goals, they are now seen as something of a relic. With content becoming increasingly virtual and short-form, the idea of content creators living together just doesn't have the same appeal as it once did. Furthermore, docuseries such as Netflix's series surrounding "Hype House" went a long way to dispelling much of the glamor behind the idea.

However, that's not stopping three of the most divisive figures in content creation from considering it. Speaking on a recent stream, Sneako announced that he was potentially considering starting a content house alongside Adin Ross and Fousey. As mentioned, these three have reputations and not very good ones at that. Furthermore, the idea was not exactly well received online.

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Viewers Roast Sneako/Adin Ross/FouseyTube Content House Idea

The top comment under the clip of Sneako discussing the idea is a gif of house exploding. In fairness, that is a very good description of how the project will likely go down. "The worst of the worst are coming together to be bad," remarked another user. However, the general sentiment is that this idea is terrible but the content would be amazing. While some people mean that sincerely, it's clear that others are imagining the inevitable streaming docuseries about just how badly things went inside this house.

It's unclear if this is a thing that will actually happen. Furthermore, it's unknown who else they would bring into the project. After all, content houses are rarely that small. Additionally, the level of toxicity present would be intolerable if there weren't additional parties to dilute (or concentrate) it. This may be a story to keep an eye on. If anything comes of it, will have all the updates here at HotNewHipHop. Do you think it sounds like a good idea? Or is this going to make for one hell of a car crash? Let us know in the comments.

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