Joe Biden On Donald Trump's Mugshot: "Handsome Guy"

Joe Biden claims he saw Trump's mugshot on TV.

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Donald Trump turned himself in yesterday at Fulton County Jail in Georgia, facing various RICO charges for his alleged attempt to overthrow the 2020 presidential election. Since he had announced the date and time he would be surrendering, countless social media users eagerly awaited the former president's mugshot. It was finally unveiled last night, sparking a barrage of memes, edits, and jokes about the image. Various personalities have weighed in on the mugshot, and recently, the current President of the United States Joe Biden even shared his thoughts.

Reporters caught up with Biden today, who was willing to say little about Trump's arrest. When asked whether or not he had seen the mugshot, he replied, "I did see it on television." After they urged him to share his opinion on the photo, he simply said, "Handsome guy. Wonderful guy." It looks like POTUS doesn't want to say much else about the viral image for now, however, there are plenty of others who have had no problem sharing their own takes.

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Joe Biden Admits He Saw Donald Trump's Mugshot On TV

Plies is known to be fairly vocal about his opinions on the former president on social media, so it was no surprise when he chimed in on the debacle today. “The Look U Give When U Been Yelling ‘Lock Her Up’ & ‘The Biden Crime Family’… But U The B*tch That’s Really The Criminal!!!!” he wrote on Twitter alongside several laughing emojis. He added, “U Can Fool Everybody But God!!!!"

Chief Keef also joined the conversation recently, sharing a fake photo which appears to show Donald Trump holding up a gang sign. “Nah my boy in dat b*tch bangin on dem folks,” the performer joked. “I know whatever deck he on he good in the hood for sure he finna run the prison. That boy finna be eating like a MF all da Blacks finna have my boy back.” Keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on politics.

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