Funky Dineva Apologizes For Coming For Chloe Bailey's Appearance, Reiterates That He Finds Her "Inauthentic"

Funky Dineva says that his "commentary should have started and stopped" with his take on Chloe Bailey's persona.

BYCaroline Fisher
2023 Sol Blume Festival

During a recent Tea-G-I-F segment, Funky Dineva came for Chloe Bailey, and many fans felt as though he took things way too far. The Fox Soul personality was discussing some circulating rumors that the performer's sister Halle could be pregnant. Amid the speculation, Chloe went live to defend her. “Y’all better keep my sister’s name out your mouth,” she warned viewers. “Thank you. Amen, hallelujah. ‘Bout to get me riled the hell up.”

Apparently, Chloe's response to the gossip rubbed Funky Dineva the wrong way. He went on a tangent about how he felt her persona was fake, and included some choice words about her appearance. “Chloe Bailey is so godd*mn lame to me,” he explained. “First of all, girl, you are Miss Preppy Ashley from the suburbs. Then you came out being all promiscuous, and now you’re trying to be a gangster. None of it is f*cking believable." He continued, "I’m probably gonna catch a lot of backlash for this, and without that makeup, she ain’t cute. She never should’ve shown up on that camera with that fat-a** face without no makeup.”

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Funky Dineva Partially Apologizes

Countless viewers felt as though trashing the 25-year-old's appearance was unnecessary, which he seems to agree with. In a new Tea-G-I-F segment, he partially apologizes for the rant. He claims to understand why so many viewers were upset by his comments, agreeing that he crossed the line when he mentioned her looks. Funky Dineva adds that he believes people were particularly offended since Chloe is believed to be "unproblematic."

Though he acknowledges that dragging her image was unacceptable, he stands by his claims about her persona. "I 100% stand ten toes down on the fact that I think Chloe Bailey is inauthentic when it comes to her as an artist," he says. "I think that the sexual image that she gives sometimes is unbelievable." Funky Dineva continues, "But I also recognize that that's where my commentary should have started and stopped." Keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Chloe Bailey.

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