DJ Akademiks Continues To Diss Erykah Badu: "Not One N***a Came To Your Defense"

DJ Akademiks is still mad about being compared to a cartoon mouse.

BYCaroline Fisher
Another Badu Birthday Bash

DJ Akademiks' tirade against Erykah Badu continues. Recently, he took to social media to share more thoughts on the performer amid their beef. Earlier this month, the personality went on a pretty heated rant about Badu, calling her "ran through" and accusing her of sleeping around. Apparently, he's still hurt over a dig from a few years back. Badu compared him to Jerry from Tom and Jerry in 2017, and Ak still isn't happy about it.

He must have really taken the cartoon mouse comparison to heart, as he went pretty hard on Badu. In a new clip, he goes on to hurl additional insults at the artist, continuing to roast her for her sex life. "Not one n***a came to your defense," he begins. "That's how I know you've been spreading the p***y all over the industry." He then went on, complimenting her for the way she managed to use his offensive comments to market her incense. "It wasn't that serious," he explains, "I'm sorry to tell you I'm keeping it a bean."

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DJ Akademiks Roasts Erykah Badu For Her Sex Life

"I'm not that hurt," he also adds. Though DJ Akademiks claims he isn't still upset by the Jerry comparison, it seems like it might still be weighing heavily on him. He admits that his roast was an attempt to "get back" at Badu for her comments, saying that there's "no expiration" on comebacks. Amid the back-and-forth, some commenters have been warning Ak not to mess with Badu, as she's known to have karma on her side. He says he isn't worried about that, however, claiming to be immune. "Ain't no b*tches putting a spell on me," he says. "That sh*t don't f*cking work, the f*ck you talking about? N***a, I'm a human."

After Akademiks' initial roast of Badu, she shared her simple response on social media. She posted a new edition of her “Badu P***y” incense, which references her dig at him. The box of incense features an image of Jerry the mouse wearing a chain with DJ Akademiks' last name on it, “Livinsgton." It appears that though Ak is pretty heated about the whole thing, she isn't taking it to heart.

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