Nate Diaz Fires Off Expletive-Filled Rant About Jake Paul

Diaz has finally started to respond to Jake Paul's trash talk.

BYBen Mock
UFC 279: Diaz v Ferguson

Nate Diaz is set to make his professional boxing debut against Jake Paul on August 5. One of the most-anticipated fights of the year, it will go a long way to proving several things. Firstly, it will provide an insight into both Diaz's versatility and fighting relevance since he left the UFC last year. Secondly, it will test Paul's battle readiness against another seasoned fighter (albeit not a seasoned boxer). And third, it will directly affect the trajectory of both fighters' careers. Paul is eager to challenge Conor McGregor, but he can't do that without a convincing win over Diaz.

Now, there is absolutely no love lost between these two men. Diaz views Paul as an upstart trash-talker who can't back up his words against experienced fighters. This comes after Paul lost to Tommy Fury, the first true boxing opponent of his career. Meanwhile, Paul has been adamant that he doesn't see Diaz as a challenge or a threat. This comes after numerous concerning reports about Diaz's training and actual boxing ability. In recent weeks, Paul has put Diaz, McGregor, and most of the fighting world on blast. Now, Diaz has responded in kind.

Diaz Promises To Punish Paul For Trash Talk

Diaz absolutely went off on Paul during an appearance on Raw Talk. “This guy thinks he’ll actually beat everybody’s fucking ass and he’s louder than all you fools who are really beating people’s asses,” Diaz said. “So now I have to step the fuck out to box real quick and whip this motherfucker’s ass so we’ll know who’s the real ass whipper. Understand what I’m saying. People saying, ‘Oh, it’s a mismatch’ and this and that. Well, then you fucking fight him, motherfucker. Make sure the best fights are happening because that’s what I’m here to see when I’m watching fighting. And this fools poppin’ off in interviews: ‘We’re real fighters.’ Prove it motherfucker. I’mma go beat his ass for talkin’ shit. And then he was talking shit to Conor [McGregor] and dissing his wife, and shit. On some real disrespectful stuff that he shouldn’t be saying. And nobody’s saying shit. I’m the one that said, shut the fuck up, bitch. I’m gonna whoop your ass for real.”

The rant is a return to the trash-talk the fighting world has come to expect from Diaz. He had been previously dubbed "boring" by Paul during several more humble and muted press appearances. However, Diaz argued at the time that it was simply too early in the fight process to get as hostile as Paul was getting. However, it appears that Diaz was simply playing the long game and letting Paul get all his material out in the open. Now, with the fight just a few weeks away, Diaz has flipped the switch. While questions about his boxing ability remain, the man sure does know how to hype a fight.


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