Logan Paul Says Bradley Martyn Is "Searching For Clicks" After Jake Paul Comments

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Jake Paul v Anderson Silva
GLENDALE, ARIZONA - OCTOBER 29: Logan Paul attends the cruiserweight bout between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva of Brazil at Desert Diamond Arena on October 29, 2022 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
The YouTuber turned wrestler won't stand for anyone disrespecting his brother.

Nate Diaz is set to make his professional boxing debut against Jake Paul on August 5. One of the most-anticipated fights of the year, it will go a long way to proving several things. Firstly, it will provide an insight into both Diaz’s versatility and fighting relevance since he left the UFC last year. Secondly, it will test Paul’s battle readiness against another seasoned fighter (albeit not a seasoned boxer). And third, it will directly affect the trajectory of both fighters’ careers. Paul is eager to challenge Conor McGregor, but he can’t do that without a convincing win over Diaz.

Now, there is absolutely no love lost between these two men. Diaz views Paul as an upstart trash-talker who can’t back up his words against experienced fighters. This comes after Paul lost to Tommy Fury, the first true boxing opponent of his career. Meanwhile, Paul has been adamant that he doesn’t see Diaz as a challenge or a threat. This comes after numerous concerning reports about Diaz’s training and actual boxing ability. In recent weeks, Paul has put Diaz, McGregor, and most of the fighting world on blast. Diaz has since responded in kind. Now Jake's brother Logan is picking his own fight.

Logan Paul Calls Out Bradley Martyn

Speaking on the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Logan Paul called comments made by fellow YouTuber Bradley Martyn. On his own podcast, Martyn had told Nate Diaz that, while he liked Jake Paul, he wanted to see Diaz beat Paul bad enough to make him a "meme." Turns out that Logan didn't like that sort of trash talk being aimed at this brother. "Why would you say that, Bradley?," Logan asked. "Are you looking for clicks? If he is, I think that's lame. Bradley, you've gotta be humbled. That's what you need and it doesn't sound like you've had that yet. I will invite you to Puerto Rico. Spar with me and be humbled. Bradley, if you're being serious. I will bring you to Puerto Rico to promote my next fight. I will spar with you and I will fuck you up."

It's unclear what fight Paul is referring to, as his contract with the WWE does impact what other opportunities he can take on. But it's not the first time this year that Paul has wanted to get back in the ring. “I’ll be honest, I pitched it,” Paul said on his podcast. “I pitched it internally, I pitched it to the [executives] that be, if Elon Musk and [Mark] Zuckerberg fight, I will do my UFC debut on the undercard. I’ll fight for free, for charity. You know who I want to fight actually cause that bitch ass Andrew Tate won’t fight me. Give me Paddy Pimblett,” Paul said. “Give me ‘Paddy the Baddy.’ In the offseason, that boy looks like a blimp and he’ll come up to my weight class and I’ll wallop him. He’s too small when he cuts weight. When he doesn’t cut weight he’s a fucking horseshoe.”


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