Rich Homie Quan's Manager Addresses Leaked Audio

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Rich Homie Quan 10 Year Anniversary Concert
ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 27: Rich Homie Quan performs during Rich Homie Quan 10 Year Anniversary Concert at Tabernacle on September 27, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)
He says everyone "snitches" at some point.

Leaked audio circulated last week, allegedly showcasing Rich Homie Quan discussing Young Thug's RICO case. The rapper was hit with "snitching" accusations, and immediately faced backlash. “Thug had something to do with it, we just can’t prove it," he's heard saying in the audio. Now, Rich Homie Quan's manager has weighed in on the accusations.

In a clip shared by No Jumper, his manager starts by discussing "street culture," explaining that he no longer takes part in any of it. He then says that everyone, at some point, "snitches." The man explains that it's easy to get carried away and "talk a little bit too much." "I don't think [there's] a man in this world [that's] never talked about some type of business or some type of way they felt," he says. "All you p*ssy a*s N***as do that," he continues, "I don't give a f**k who you talking to." Social media users raced to the comments section to weigh in.

Rich Homie Quan's Manager Says Everyone "Snitches"

"What he talkin bout is gossip not snitchin," one Instagram user says, "Snitchin is when you get someone criminally involved." Various other users claim that Rich Homie Quan's manager appears to confirm the rumors. "Yeah bro jst confirmed he snitched," one writes. It's unclear whether or not the rapper says anything incriminating about Young Thug in the clip. He's heard discussing drifting apart from his former collaborator, calling it “real f***ed up.” “That s**t was deeper than rap,” he says, adding that he "loves" Young Thug.

After the audio circulated, users debated whether Rich Homie Quan was actually "snitching" or if the blame should be put on whoever recorded it. One of the mothers of Young Thug's children later shared her thoughts on Twitter. “The fact I went to richhomiequan concert he said free thug so many times come to find out you got a whole 30 Minutes recording telling damn,” she wrote.

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