Ne-Yo Kicks A Fan Off Stage After Signature Hat Removal

Ne-Yo takes exception to those who mess with his hats.

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Ne-Yo instantly regretted offering one fan the chance to come up on stage to dance with him. As soon as she was up there, the fan grabbed Ne-Yo's hat off of his head, at which point he promptly booted her off the stage. The singer has been a notorious wearer of hats ever since middle school when his hairline began to recede at a rapid pace, according to the Meredith Vieira Show. So when this fan thought it was funny to grab his headpiece and begin acting like the R&B legend, he did not find it all that amusing.

"She knows good g*dd*mn well [that] she wasn't supposed to grab my hat," Ne-Yo said to the crowd after getting his hat back. "Get your ass back over there." He then gave her a solid nudge toward the back of the stage before calling for contestant number two. The clip has gone viral because of his mixture of humor and frustration. You can tell that he isn't a big fan of this fan's actions, but he gets his hat back quickly and turns it into something funny. He even mocked a kick of her backside as she was headed off stage.

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Ne-Yo's Past, Present, & Future

Ne-Yo fans should definitely know not to snatch the man's iconic hats. He's been wearing them throughout his R&B music career. From "Miss Independent" to "So Sick" to "She Knows," the artist has worn hats in all of his music videos and on stage for all his performances. As for if he wears the hat at home 24/7, we aren't entirely sure. What is certain is Ne-Yo has been a busy man as of late.

The singer is dealing with a custody battle with his ex-girlfriend, Sade Bagnerise. (She will allow joint custody in exchange for child support.) And he is not back with his ex-wife, Crystal Renay, despite recent photos showing the couple together. In positive news, he just received a White House invite, according to He will perform for the Bidens during their Fourth of July celebrations today.

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