Natalie Nunn Turns Up To Shoutout From Nicki Minaj On "Endless Fashion"

Nunn was mentioned on Lil Uzi Vert's "Pink Tape."

BYCaroline Fisher
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In a new clip, Natalie Nunn is seen getting down in the club. In the clip, she turns up to Nicki Minaj's verse on Lil Uzi Vert's new song, "Endless Fashion." The track is from Uzi's new album, Pink Tape, which was released yesterday (June 30). Nicki Minaj gives Nunn a shoutout on the song, singing, "Even if my name was Natalie, none you b*tches still couldn't chin-check me." Nunn previously showed her appreciation for being mentioned in the song, even asking Nicki to host the Baddies reunion.

Yesterday, Nunn took to social media to thank Nicki for her shoutout on Pink Tape. “I LOVE YOU @nickiminaj,” she wrote on Instagram. “PLEASE COME HOST THE BADDIES REUNION NOW IM ASKING PLEASEEEEEEE NICKI I LOVE YOU,” she added. Nunn hopped on Twitter later, telling Baddies fans to “make sure y’all stream it runs those numbers up for the queen like we do the 91 million streams on baddies!!”

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Natalie Nunn Appreciates The Mention

Fans have been loving "Endless Fashion" since it's release. Earlier today, Nicki took to social media to thank fans and non-fans alike for enjoying the new feature. “S/o all my undercover barbz playing #EndlessFashion all day reminiscing, I know y’all gotta pretend not to be in love wit da 1 (not da 2)," she wrote. Nicki continued, "I still love y’all. I can feel the vibrations. Muva thanks u. Come let me give you a noogie in yall big a** head. *virtual hugs*.”

Nicki also revealed more about the process of creating her verse for the song on Twitter recently. When Uzi's girlfriend, City Girls' JT, complimented Nicki for turning in her verse so quickly, Nicki responded on Twitter. “When I tell you I was exhausted by the time I was done. Lol. B/c I was rushing to get it in on time," she wrote, "I kept telling [them] ’30 mins’ then hitting [them] back 2 hours later TB 15-20 more minutes Uzi!!!! I did that ALL DAY LONG YO."

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