Cam’Ron Defends Not Passing To Ma$e in 1992 Basketball Game

Ma$e isn’t letting a 30-year-old basketball moment go.

BYBen Mock
Cam’Ron Defends Not Passing To Ma$e in 1992 Basketball Game

Cam'Ron and Ma$e are old friends. In fact, their friendship can be traced all the way back to high school. During those formative years, the two played varsity basketball at Manhattan Center High School. However, in one 1992 game, Cam'Ron declined to pass with 4.1 seconds left, instead unsuccessfully attempting the game-winning shot himself.

Why are we talking about this? Because apparently, Ma$e is still a little salty about this moment. Ma$e believes that Cam'Ron should have passed. Additionally, footage of the two of them discussing whether Cam'Ron should have dished out the assist was posted to the It Is What It Is Instagram page, sparking a debate amongst the fans as well.

Cam'Ron Defends Shot-Taking Decision

Cam'Ron posted a clip of him and his It Is What It Is co-host debating whether Cam'Ron should have passed during a 1992 Public School Athletics League basketball game. Cam'Ron's post included the caption, "Everyone said I shoulda passed to murder @rsvpmase on the @itiswhatitis_talk page, ok fine let me state my case. I make that shot our careers woulda been over at this point in life Lol. Now Look we getting more money then ever. 🤷🏾‍♂️ and it was only 4.1 seconds when I got the rebound. What y’all think? 🤦🏾‍♂️."

Furthermore, Cam'Ron went in to play-by-play mode to explain why he didn't pass. “Behind the back, nah I ain’t goin’ that way. Lose it, get it back, and 1. Ah! Tough! I come around right here. Dish. ‘Bout my eighth assist of the game. Mid-range game, yeah. So right here, it’s Four point two seconds left. I don’t know I’m getting the rebound. Four seconds left. Corey Wright misses, it bounces off front rim. I get it, look, four, three, two, one, I don’t see nobody to pass. Murda mad at me. He throw a tantrum. I was hot. Now look, I make that shot, that means you go to college, I go to college, we go to the league overseas, whatever. Our career would have been over! You wouldn’t have sold 10 million records, I wouldn’t have sold the records. I think I made the right choice. Hit or miss. He still mad at me about this shit. Till this day! Murda we still professionals!”


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