We’re one day away from HNHH’s first Digital Cover story of 2017, starring Tyga, who’s on the verge of releasing his new mixtape, Bitch I’m the Shit 2. Ahead of tomorrow’s cover story, we present you with a video snippet of our in-depth interview with T-raww at GOOD Studios in L.A. The clip touches on a few topics that will be prominent in the story, such as Tyga’s experiences soaking up the genius of Kanye West

“He’s a genius,” Tyga says of Kanye. “You don’t meet too many people like that, that give you that type of feeling.” Another man whom Tyga calls a genius is Lil Wayne, who he was signed to for 10 years while at Young Money. He discusses the privilege of getting to work with both luminaries, and how his new situation at GOOD differs from his previous one with Wayne. 

“A mixtape, it’s something you don’t overthink so much, and it just feels like the true artist,” Tyga said of how he’s made his name as a mixtape artist. He also feels like today’s hottest artists, namely Lil Uzi Vert, have been thriving off mixtapes alone. Bitch I’m the Shit 2 will be the 20th tape of Tyga’s career. Many more details to come via tomorrow’s Digital Cover. 


Tyga Talks Signing To Kanye West After 10 Years With Lil Wayne