Halle Bailey On Dating DDG: “I Have To Step Away From [Social Media] & Live In The Real World”

Bailey and her boyfriend were a hot topic on Twitter earlier this year, likely causing her plenty of stress.

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Halle Bailey On Dating DDG: “I Have To Step Away From [Social Media] & Live In The Real World”

Just like her character in The Little Mermaid, Halle Bailey prefers to live in the real world. In a recent interview ahead of the film's premiere next week, the Atlanta-born artist spoke candidly about her relationship with DDG, and how constantly being bombarded with the opinions of strangers on social media can be troubling to her. Rather than doom-scroll through all the drama, Bailey prefers to log off and spend time focusing on the things in front of her.

"The biggest thing I've learned in dating when it comes to dating in the public eye, is that everybody's gonna have an opinion about you, whether it's good or bad" she reflected. "I've had this since I was younger. I think because I've grown up, kind of in the public eye, people think they have this sort of... I don't know, that they can say what they feel about my life. Like they do with everyone in the public eye," the 23-year-old further explained. "But I've realized, for me, I just go with my heart."

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Halle Bailey Discusses DDG Relationship

The "Do It" hitmaker's approach to life is to follow her heart, and "cherish what makes [her] happy." One way that she's able to do that and keep her mindset in a positive space is by taking breaks from being online. "It's hard when you're in the public eye because social media is also a part of your work, it's a big part of what I do! I have to set healthy boundaries for myself, 'cuz just like anyone, if you see all these people saying whatever they want about you, your life, what you choose to decide... That could take a toll on anyone, so I just have to choose to step aside and not look at any of that."

"Just live in the real world," the Disney starlet added. "That's what makes me happy." Do you ship Halle Bailey and DDG as a couple? Let us know in the comments, and tap back in with HNHH later for more music/pop culture news updates.

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