Halle Bailey Calls DDG Her “Prince Charming” Amid Breakup Rumors

Halle Bailey shared more about her romance with DDG in a recent interview.

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Halle Bailey Calls DDG Her “Prince Charming” Amid Breakup Rumors

The Little Mermaid star Halle Bailey shared more details about her relationship with DDG in a recent interview. Bailey also discussed her on-screen romance with Jonah Hauer-King, who plays Prince Eric in the film. Bailey told PEOPLE, “I truly think this movie does a wonderful job of telling the story of what it means to nourish and honor true love and genuine friendship.” She went on to say, “You get to see the backstories of both Ariel and Eric and dive deep into both of their brains a little bit more. They go on this whimsical journey of finding love with each other.”

When asked if she would consider her boyfriend, DDG, to have the makings of a Prince Charming she responded, “People love to talk about this.” Laughing, she added, “Yeah. I would say that.” She continued, “I think the best thing about young love is that you’re able to continue to find yourself through this journey of loving somebody else."

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Bailey Calls Their Relationship "Transformative"

Halle Bailey Calls DDG Her "Prince Charming" Amid Breakup Rumors
DDG and Halle Bailey attend the 2022 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 26, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)

She added, "You’re discovering new parts of yourself and maybe things that you didn’t notice before about your heart.” “I feel like things change when love gets more involved in your life,” Bailey shared. She revealed, “I have definitely discovered more within myself as a woman.…It’s a really cool thing to go through, but a transformative experience.”

The interview was shared amid rumors the pair had split that began to circulate earlier this year. They were sparked by accusations that the rapper was cheating on Bailey, and began shortly after DDG's ex, Rubi Rose, shared screenshots of her messages with the rapper. He later responded with his track "Way Too Petty." Bailey's fans went after DDG, to which he shared a post in response. He wrote "I don’t want [Rubi Rose] i swear.” Adding, “I explained it all in the song." He asks Bailey's fans, "can y’all stop hating me now i come in peace." He finished the response with "if u reading this u look beautiful today. Make sure you smile sweet heart.” When one media outlet called DDG an "E-List rapper" earlier this month, he also responded, calling it "kinda funny."

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