Lil Durk Faces Backlash For Saying He’s Not “Super Big On” Lyrical Rappers

Fans didn’t appreciate Lil Durk saying he doesn’t like lyrical rap.

BYCaroline Fisher
Lil Durk Faces Backlash For Saying He’s Not “Super Big On” Lyrical Rappers

In a recent interview with Spotify’s RapCaviar, Lil Durk admitted that he's not a fan of lyrical rap. The rapper was discussing his recent single alongside J. Cole, "All My Life.” Lil Durk's comments in the interview sparked some controversy among viewers.

In the interview, he said Cole's guest verse on the single “went crazy." He went on to say, "I had to listen to it like four times.” “You know I ain’t super big on lyricist-type rappers. Cole was one of them ones that, like, him and [JAY-Z], you gotta play them 50 times to catch what they’re saying,” the rapper shared. He went on to say, “Like, if you listen to Lil Wayne right now and you heard some shit 10 years ago that you just catch onto today. But [Cole] definitely gave me one of them verses and I appreciate it. ‘Cause he ain’t even have to, for real. He could’ve given us anything.”

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Social Media Responds To Lil Durk's Comments

Social media users were eager to make their opinions on Lil Durk's admission clear. One user left an Instagram comment, calling it a "[sad] day when mfs don’t listen to actual lyrics.” Another wrote, “He’s not super big on lyrics, Lyrical Rappers……Then what is my generation of rappers doing on songs smh.” "I like Dirk’s music but cmon bro. I don’t understand why my generation doesn’t the core of what hip hop is and what is used to stand for,” they added.

Despite his criticism of the genre, Lil Durk went on to compliment Cole's work on "All My Life" in an interview with Complex. “He smoked my ass on that one, for one — barely,” the rapper shared. Adding, "That barely happens. But shout out to J. Cole, shout out to [Dr.] Luke, we made it happen.” Earlier this week, Lil Durk also announced his upcoming Sorry For The Draught tour. The summer 2023 tour will feature Kodak Black, NLE Choppa, and DD Osama. Lil Durk also has a new album coming out this month, titled Almost Healed, which fans can expect to hear on May 26.

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