J. Cole’s “All My Life” Verse Impresses Jermaine Dupri

Jermaine Dupri recently praised J. Cole for his work with Lil Durk on “All My Life.”

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J. Cole’s “All My Life” Verse Impresses Jermaine Dupri

Jermaine Dupri took to Twitter recently, sharing his thoughts on J. Cole's "All My Life" verse. He wrote to his followers, "Yo!!! J. Cole verse is so in the pocket on this 'All My Life.'" Dupri also added, "I can never listen to another offbeat rapper, bible!!!" It seems as thought many would agree with Dupri's assessment, with others such as 21 Savage recently claiming they enjoyed his work on the song as well. 21 Savage wrote about the collaboration on Twitter, saying, "Cole just went so crazy on that verse wtf."

"All My Life" was released earlier this month, and was instantly met with praise from fans and peers. After previewing the song on May 3, many listeners felt as though the song would be a huge hit. Durk shared his intentions behind the song, telling XXL, “It’s just a rap that’s just showing you what I been going through. What I been doing lately. Trying to change how I am." Lil Durk also shared his thoughts on Cole's verse on his track. “He went crazy. I had to listen to it like four times,” he explained.

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Jermaine Dupri Calls Cole's Verse "So In The Pocket"

Durk continued, “You know I ain’t super big on lyricist-type rappers. Cole was one of them ones that, like, him and [JAY-Z], you gotta play them 50 times to catch what they’re saying.” He added, “Like, if you listen to Lil Wayne right now and you heard some shit 10 years ago that you just catch onto today. But [Cole] definitely gave me one of them verses and I appreciate it. ‘Cause he ain’t even have to, for real. He could’ve given us anything.” Durk caught some flack for his comments, with one user writing, “He’s not super big on lyrics, Lyrical Rappers……Then what is my generation of rappers doing on songs smh.” “I like Dirk’s music but cmon bro. I don’t understand why my generation doesn’t the core of what hip hop is and what is used to stand for,” they added.

J. Cole also recently announced that he plans to celebrate the 10-year-anniversary of Born Sinner by releasing a gold deluxe vinyl edition of the album. His label shared the news in an Instagram post earlier this month. The post is captioned, “Born Sinner turns 10 next month!” The caption continues, “in celebration we’re releasing a gold deluxe vinyl edition available for preorder now! #Dreamville #ColeWorld.” The post also features photos of the special gold pressing.

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