KayCyy Drops New Single With Gesaffelstein “Roll The Dice”

The new song is part of the rapper’s collaborative EP with French DJ Gesaffelstein.

BYCaroline Fisher
KayCyy Drops New Single With Gesaffelstein “Roll The Dice”blur mask

Kenyan-American musician KayCyy has released a new single, titled "Roll The Dice." The track is part of his collaboration with French DJ Gesaffelstein. The duo's joint EP, TW2052 will be released later this month on May 26, 2023. Six additional songs will accompany "Roll The Dice," and the tracklist was shared yesterday via KayCyy's Twitter. The artist also worked with Gesaffelstein on the 2022 EP, TW20 50. The critically-acclaimed three-song EP KayCyy released two singles in November of 2022, "I Love Myself" and "Who Else Would It Be.”

KayCyy called the project with Gesaffelstein KayCyy teased the new song in April, playing the majority of it in an Instagram Live. He later posted a photo of two dice on Twitter, hinting at the song's title. He asked fans for a certain number of comments in exchange for a release date. Fans quickly reached their goal and he revealed the song would come out on May 12.

KayCyy Teams Up With Gesaffelstein Once Agin

The song sees KayCyy comparing a lover to oxygen, as he sings about how he only wants to focus on them. It contains themes of two people only needing one another, as nothing else matters but them. Mellow, rhythmic bass defines the track, along with KayCyy's smooth vocals. The accompanying music video takes on a similarly simplistic, futuristic tone.

Gesaffelstein is known for his work with The Weeknd on his EP, My Dear Melancholy. The artist collaborated with The Weeknd again in 2019, for Gesaffelstein's second album, Hyperion. The Weekend was featured on the song "Lost in the Fire." He also collaborated with several other major artists like Kanye West, Daft Punk, and A$AP Rocky. He famously produced various tracks on West's critically-acclaimed album Yeezus. KayCyy says that West is "like a big brother to [him]." The frequent collaborator also dropped the track "OKAY!" alongside KayCyy back in 2022, ahead of their EP release.

Quotable Lyrics:

Together we can make time stop, it's all about us
Selfish shit, I don't mind
Long as it's about mine's
Roll the dice (Ooh)
Close your eyes (Ooh)
Every time (Every time), we turned out fine (Turned out fine)

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