KayCyy Taps Gesaffelstein For Futuristic New Track “OKAY!”

KayCyy brings the energy on “OKAY!”

BYTaiyo Coates
KayCyy Taps Gesaffelstein For Futuristic New Track “OKAY!”blur mask

KayCyy has become a rapidly rising star in a few years. A standout example of the current sound and the level it's been pushed to, KayCyy found a way to mix some of the genre's most beloved and progressive sounds in recent memory, creating a mind gripping listening experience. As some will tell you, he has characteristics of the Carti sound, but displays a bit more vocal range and ability, akin to what Rae Sremmurd provides. This is not at all to say he doesn't offer his own talents as well, as the lyrical prowess is often on full display as well.

"OKAY!" is an interestingly structured, sonic whirlwind of a track. While the tempo is by no means blustery, there are swells and builds that would lead you in one direction, while the following chords and tones pull you in an entirely different one. Gesaffelstein's contributions lend an obvious tech and dance shade to the palette, but as his individualistic nature leads, it doesn't sound expected or one note. There's a menacing yet body-moving undertone that serves both artists incredibly.

While the song is undoubtedly out of the norm as far as build goes, the video might push those boundaries even further. The video is draped in q black backdrop in it's entirety, only offering glimpses of light in sync with the lowered snare that makes an appearance at some points. The tones and shades used are robotic and incredibly matrix-like, enhancing the sound tenfold.

Listen to KayCyy's new track "OKAY!" below:

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