Rappers React To Elon Musk Revoking Blue Twitter Checks

Elon Musk follow through on his promise.

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Rappers React To Elon Musk Revoking Blue Twitter Checks

Twitter has been a huge mess for a minute. Ever since Elon Musk took over, the complaints have been nearly non-stop. You can hardly blame those complaining, however. Twitter had established itself as one of the most influential social media outlets ever, and it was extremely functional. Now that Musk is in charge, there seems to be a new issue every day, from dodgy rollouts of new features to straight up trolling. Clearly, Elon Musk was not well-equipped for the kind of position he took on. However, what's done is done, and his word is the law when it comes to Twitter.

Now, as Musk promised, he has officially removed all blue verification checks from anyone who is not currently paying for them. That includes any and all celebrities and notable figures that may have had them. Kim Kardashian, Drake, and even Beyoncé were all stripped of their verification badges. The only one who seems to have escaped the situation unscathed is LeBron James. Some fine the situation funny, but others think it's ridiculous. Doja Cat, for example, lost her verification some time ago.

Elon Musk Wants His Bag

When Doja lost her blue check, she did not respond well. “Having a blue tick now means theres a higher chance that you’re a complete loser and that you’re desperate for validation from famous people,” Doja tweeted. Her fans took the chance to troll the singer for losing her check. “Wait ew ur not verified go away normie,” one tweeted. “Since u ain’t famous anymore follow back don’t be shy,” another said. Doja has since pretty much ignored the subject and has gone back to her usual odd tweeting behaviors. She wasn't the only one who took issue with Elon Musk's decision, though. Akon also had some choice words.

“Back in the day, Twitter was begging musicians to stay on cause they didn’t have traffic. They came up with a verification process to protect accounts from fakes ones, now @elonmusk is taking that away and forcing us to pay,” Akon’s account tweeted. “FYI, I ain’t paying shit for something we helped build.” However, the singer claimed that his account was hacked. Today, after a sweeping removal of all unpaid blue checks, many rappers have tweeted out their opinions on the matter. What do you think about the outrage? Is it justified or are celebrities just throwing a fit because they no longer feel special? Let us know in the comments!

Rappers React

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