6ix9ine Previews New Video Filmed In Uganda

The rapper allowed fans to decide where the video was filmed.

BYNoah Grant
6ix9ine Previews New Video Filmed In Uganda

6ix9ine has made headlines quite a bit recently. Sadly, most of it isn't due to the 26-year-old rapper's music. Last month, a group of men attacked 6ix9ine at his gym. Someone uploaded the video online, and it went viral soon after. Many claimed that the rapper deserved the beatdown due to his reputation as a snitch. However, 6ix9ine described it as "hard to watch" and "cowardly."

Since then, 6ix9ine has used the increased attention to his advantage. He has already released a single, titled "Bori," and an accompanying music video. About a week after its release, the rapper was already teasing the next song he planned to release. In the post teasing the song, the rapper said that whichever country was mentioned the most in the comment section is where he would film the video. Yesterday, he proved that he wasn't joking.

6ix9ine Says Video Is Coming This Weekend

In an update about his new video, 6ix9ine told fans it would be filmed in Africa. He had earlier stated that the video would be made available on April 14. However, he said it took longer than he anticipated to get the visas. Additionally, none of the camera crew was granted visas. The rapper showed himself in the car with one other. He told fans it would only be the two of them going to Africa to film. In another video posted alongside the announcement, 6ix9ine can be seen standing outside of a Best Buy with an iPhone stabilizer. It is clear that it is going to be a low-budget operation.

Today, 6ix9ine posted yet another tease of the new video. In the caption, he revealed that the country he was filming in was Uganda. The preview was a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the video. In it, he mingled with a large group of children, handing them each $100 bills. That seems to be a trend for 6ix9ine. According to the caption on the post, fans can expect the video to be released this weekend. What do you think of the preview of 6ix9ine's new song and video? Let us know in the comments!

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