6ix9ine Teases More New Music: “I HAVE THIS READY TO GO”

6ix9ine isn’t letting his recent embarrassment keep him down.

BYNoah Grant
6ix9ine Teases More New Music: “I HAVE THIS READY TO GO”

6ix9ine is fully capitalizing on his recent stint in the headlines. In case you missed it, the rapper has been a near-constant presence in the news recently. This isn't because of his music, however. Near the end of March, 6ix9ine was attacked at an LA fitness in Miami. Footage that emerged from the attack shows 6ix9ine in a fetal position on the ground as he is hit and kicked by several larger men. When he is finally able to get up off of the floor, he turns to the camera and reveals his battered and bloody face. The attack isn't surprising considering his reputation. 6ix9ine is often characterized as a snitch after he testified against the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods in exchange for his freedom. It has led many to refuse to work with him.

In the aftermath of the gym attack, 6ix9ine hasn't been shown much mercy by the internet. Many claimed that he deserved it and laughed about the incident. Lots of rappers and fellow industry members spoke out on the incident, as well. Charlamagne Tha God said it the attack was inevitable, and Boosie Badazz simply said "snitches get stitches." 6ix9ine, however, is taking everything in stride. He made several statements on Instagram about the attack. In the posts, he clarifies that there are no rules in the street. "Anyway what happen here was nothing but cowardly,” he said. “I’m not mad this happened. In the street there’s no rules so I cant say they were wrong." The attackers have since been arrested.

6ix9ine Is Coming To Your Country

After his highly publicized gym attack, 6ix9ine was quick to start teasing new music. He wasted no time, releasing a new single the day after the tease. The song, titled Bori, is a huge change in sound for the rapper. It features Latin singer Lenier. Both 6ix9ine and Lenier sing it entirely in Spanish. The video was released at the same time. It features lots of dramatic footage of 6ix9ine after his attack. It also shows the rapper in Cuba, where he swims, hangs out with locals, and gives money to families.

Just a week later, the rapper is ready to drop more new music. He posted another video to Instagram teasing his next song and bragging about the fact that he was trending. The video features 6ix9ine surrounded by a crowd of people, dancing and lip syncing to a clip from the new track. "I HAVE THIS READY TO GO," the rapper wrote. "COMMENT YOUR COUNTRY YOU WANT ME TO COME & FILM THIS VIDEO THIS WEEKEND."

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