DJ Drama Suggests "Gangsta Grillz" Mixtape With Quentin Miller After Drake Debacle

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Drama is ready to make things right after Quentin was trapped in the middle of Drake and Meek Mill's beef. Miller responded on social media.

Some Hip Hop beefs can come and go without fans giving a care, but Drake and Meek Mill's unraveling was havoc for Quentin Miller. We remember when Drizzy and Meek were at odds all those years ago—primarily because of the classic tracks that came from the chaos. At the time, Miller's reference tracks for Drake were given to Meek, who could use the material against his foe. It was alleged that DJ Drama was responsible, but he denied the allegations. Miller even spoke up, saying he didn't write anything for Drake, but that didn't calm the masses. Funk Flex then threatened to release the reference tracks—and later did just that after Meek failed to provide a Drake diss.

For some, this is all water under the bridge, but Miller's career was negatively impacted. He would also say that he wasn't paid for his additions to Drake's records, and has made no qualms about being bitter about the financial loss. Meanwhile, DJ Drama revisited that time in Hip Hop history with DJ Akademiks. The pair chatted on the latter's Off The Record podcast, and Drama admitted it was time to make things right with Miller. The hitmaking producer has widely been credited as pouring gasoline on the flames of the beef.

DJ Drama Wants To Make Things Right

“Well, just to clarify, I definitely think there are apologies owed to Quentin Miller, for sure,” said Drama. He added, “I don’t know if I would say that they would only need to be from me. If it makes you feel any better, me and Quentin have seen each other recently.” Drama included Miller in online posts and even teased a possible collaboration. "I put it on social media, I put him in my Story. Came to the studio, and we’ve even talked. I asked him if he wanted to do a Gangsta Grillz. So, you know, I would definitely be open and down to doing a Gangsta Grillz with Quentin Miller.”

Drama also wanted to shut down any rumors that he and Drake were at war behind the scenes. They appeared together at the Kentucky Derby for Jack Harlow's music video and posed for a photo op. "These guys have patched it up. And then Quentin, out of the four of us or what have you, unfortunately, it looks like he got the short end of the stick." Quentin issued a response on his Instagram Story. Check that out, along with Drama's interview, above.

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