The Best Flavor Flav Songs, Ranked

Hip-Hop’s veteran, Flavor Flav’s best songs of all time according to us.

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The Best Flavor Flav Songs, Ranked

There are an innumerable number of rappers in the game with songs and discography undervalued as Flavor Flav. But how many veterans in Hip-Hop hold a drawn-out stable career as Flav has? His name alone instigates buzz on social media exchanges. So I ask again, how many veterans stretched out to various trades and managed to monetize as an entertainer? Public Enemy's hypeman's rise to fame in 1985 became the start of an understated rapper in Hip-Hop. We've curated seven of his best songs and ranked them deservedly.

7. I Ain't Scared

On "I Ain't Scared," Flavor distanced himself from Public Enemy's shadow. The rapper delivers a classic that leeches on his playful energy and smooth vocals. In this song, he addresses the public on the many things he isn't afraid to do. Most notably, he addresses the Flavor of Love dating show that was released in the same year of his Flavor Flav debut solo project. "I ain't scared to do another dating show, but I ain't really trying to," he explains in the song. "I'm ready to spread my wings and go down other avenues," and he fulfilled that wish.

6. Let It Show

The rapper surprised a lot of fans with this intro track. The vulnerability aspect that set the tone of the album shocked me too. "Let It Show" is about embracing life's moments and going with the flow of one's feelings. "If you feel like showin some love tonight," he continues, "Let it show, let it show." Flavor admits he won't stop showing his loved ones how he feels. "Take it from Flav because," he sings, "I'm not afraid to let it show."

5. Flavor Man

Hypeman Flav popped out on this record. On "Flavor Man," the rapper is his own hype man when he says, "Back with the hottest track." The song rose on the charts after being a theme for his Flavor of Love dating show. His frenzied energy and the catchy hook snuck in might overshadow the slick bars he laid on this beat. The complex Bill Gates bar scheme he runs down over in the first half of the second verse is powerful. Just to emphasize the potentness of his secret sauce-the flavor man indeed.

4. Platnum

Flavor Flav's solo debut project has countless potential hits. "Platnum" should have been the rollout lead single, and paired up with a video would've lit up. The rawness and hunger from his delivery are commendable. Flav's beat selection blends with his flow on the hook. But when it quickly picks up as he raps elevates the song to a 10/10. "Platnum" is one of his most beautifully composed singles ever.

3. Shake The Room

Years later, Flavour Flav is recruited by DJ Premier and Bumpy Knuckles for the solid commercial-sounding "Shake The Room." Premier's production style on this song embedded his place in Hip-Hop for some time. Bumpy's flow resonates with the rigid beat structure that bites off some old-school elements. On the surface, the trio is an uncanny meeting, but they come together to deliver a hardcore rap song.


Shoutout to the top series Breaking Bad for fusing this song in one of Jesse's scenes. Visually interpolates cartoon characters and things that the youth of that time had no clue about. You see it with "but I'm chillin with Magilla." Which references the fictional gorilla character on the cartoon show from the '60s. Or the line "but up in Harlem at the wet shop," referencing a barbershop. The rest of the song stays on theme, and it's why the track is his Top 2.

1. Shake Your Booty

Flavor's best song, "Shake Your Booty," is punched with concise lyricism and a gelled chorus. He pays homage to the late Tupac and Biggie in his first verse. He says, "Flipped your wig, on top of the world like 'Pac and Big." And what's insane about this line is how it transitions to the next song on the project. Which, in detail, relives the brutal murders of the late legends. Flav ran this song with heavy bars on all three long verses. This is arguably his best work yet.

Do you agree with this arrangement of Flavor Flav's best songs? Let us know in the comments.

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