Everything We Know About Juice WRLD's Upcoming Posthumous Album

Timeline of Juice Wrld's posthumous album.

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What do we know about Juice Wrld's posthumous album? One of the biggest what-ifs in the music industry, Juice Wrld, was a different breed. Jarad Anthony Higgins, or his stage name Juice Wrld was an emo-rapper who just went into the studio and freestyled song after song.

Often using the same instrumental and recording 2-3 different songs from that beat. It has been rumored that Juice has over 2,000 songs in his discography that are still unreleased to this day. Fans hope we get some of those unreleased songs on the new album.

Timeline Of Juice WRLD

Juice, during his life, had recorded and put out two studio albums and one ep. Those would be the "999 EP", "Goodbye & Good Riddance," and "Death Race For Love." 

After his death, Juice was still under contract with the record label Grade A. They had gathered songs that Juice Wrld potentially wanted on an album and created two more albums under his name. These two posthumous albums were called "Legends Never Die" and "Fighting Demons."

Everything We Know About The Juice Wrld Album "The Party Never Ends"

Being delayed multiple times, the album has been promised to us numerous times. Lil Bibby, who owns Grade A Productions, always promises the fans the album. Many fans dislike Bibby because of these false promises. 

The album was first teased to the fans in July of 2021 by Juice Wrld's manager Peter Jideonwo. He told the fans that the album would be released that summer and have fewer than five features. 

Jideonwo had this to say on Instagram Live back in 2021, "I can't guarantee the album will be this month, but pretty soon," Jideonwo revealed in an Instagram Live. He continued: "'The Party Never Ends' is going to be the best album, not only musically but creatively. We got a big collab on the album cover and also the merch. Everything about it is fire. We're not just doing some basic music… we're taking our time to craft a classic you'll talk about for the next ten years."


Juice Wrld's estate went on and officially announced the album on July 8, 2021. It was accompanied by a 15-second project trailer on YouTube. 

It was confirmed that this album at the time would be the first part of a trilogy series. Lil Bibby himself revealed this in a June interview with VladTv. 

Months have passed, and we didn't get many updates until Lil Bibby tweeted, "first part of the album is 90% done, jus waiting on @trvisXX spam him!!". From there on, we would continue to get tweets from Juice's circle. Tweets that referenced song lyrics to tweets talking about updates on the album. 

Postponing The Album

Lil Bibby would continue to tweet out more release dates and say they are waiting on people. It was always an excuse, and the album continued to be delayed longer and longer. 

When the documentary was about to be released, Bibby went on Instagram live to explain that he had to postpone the album again. He also wanted to have the documentary of Juice WRLD released with the album. As we can see, the album never dropped.

We would then receive an update that the album would drop in 2022. From there, multiple people would start getting creative with the tracklist and leaking it. The label denied most of the tracklists as false, but many continued to make them. 

On Instagram and Twitter, fans would continue to ask people in Juice's circle about the album's release dates. They would also go on to ask them to put out certain songs or suggested songs to be on the tracklist. 

Canceling The Album

April 29, 2022, Lil Bibby tweeted, "no party this year." This comes from leakers and hackers posting unreleased music on third-party sites. This led to the frustration of Bibby and Grade A, as they wanted to release the album but couldn't because of the leaks. 

Lil Bibby, Pete Jideonwo, and DJ Scheme would all go on to vent about the frustration of the leakers and blame them and the fans that the album wouldn't come out because of them. Bibby even threatened to cancel the album because hackers leaked the unreleased music. 

A New Hope

Since then, only a little has been heard about the album and its updates. Nevertheless, on February 4, Bibby posted an update on Instagram. He explained how this would be the last album in the works—changing from the original idea of a trilogy. 

This is what he said on Instagram, "The Last Juice WRLD Album is in the works… We want this album to feel like a Celebration/Party! Let's celebrate the life of Juice 🙏🏽🎈🕊️ No more mourning, I want everyone that Juice loved while he was here to help celebrate, especially his fans who he loved! You guys have been the best fans an artist can have (Minus the death threats to Bibby) 😂🙏🏽❤️. I'm not gonna complain but i'll jus say this is not easy. We miss you, We love you 999 til the world ends 🧃🌍."

This announcement happened after Juice Wrld's discography was reportedly sold to Opus Music Group. We don't know if the Instagram post meant that this would be Juice's last Grade A album, but many fans hope this will not be the end. 

A New Release Date

Fans were blessed to hear an apparent release date for the album. Of course, we are now past that release date of March 13, but we got another update saying it will be released sometime this year. 

Hopefully, they are finally telling the fans the truth, as all they want is new music from Juice WRLD. So again, hopefully, this will be the last delay for the album, and that we will get it this year. 

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