Playboi Carti just gifted fans with a performance of new and unreleased music during his Rolling Loud LA set. Moreover, the teased track sounds quite similar to the undeniably influential sound of Whole Lotta Red. For example, his screams are still ear-piercing, the instrumental sounds distorted and heavy, and the additional guitars gave it that rockstar feel. As he played the song and screamed along, his stage goons ran across the stage to hype the audience up. For those of you waiting patiently for new music from the Atlanta rapper, maybe this performance hints at an upcoming drop.

However, it’s not a good time to be a fan of Playboi Carti. Recently, a lot of conversation around the 26-year-old surrounded his December arrest for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend over a pregnancy test. While he hasn’t addressed these accusations, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child Iggy Azalea spoke out against his behavior. With that in mind, Carti’s history of legal troubles and violence is coming to light in a damning way, especially considering that he’s not really online all that much to update fans himself or talk about these situations.

Playboi Carti Previews New Music At Rolling Loud

Meanwhile, other members of his Opium label camp faced accusations of wrongdoing recently as well. One example is the duo Homixide Gang, who faced accusations of grooming on social media. Still, these rumors did not manifest into a police report, arrest, or other official confirmation like Carti did. Those rumors remained online, but many passionate fans put the pieces together from various testimonies and concurrencies. Such revelations are unfortunate considering their musical impact, and how their aggressive sound could implicitly provoke or hint at these actions. However, that’s a wide brush to paint artists with, and a cult fanbase as vocal as Opium’s shouldn’t jump to conclusions with no concrete basis.

Also, rumors spread on social media that a potentially fatal incident occurred during Carti’s Rolling Loud LA show. After the show stopped, many pointed to leaked audio and on-the-ground testimonies that someone was potentially killed as a result of an insanely dangerous crowd environment. However, these reports are still hearsay as of writing this article, with some sources saying that a victim received medical treatment and recovered. Regardless, check out the new song above if you’re interested and, if you’re going to a Carti show, please be careful and mindful of others, as his shows and mosh pits can get notoriously scary quickly. Also, as always, come back to HNHH for the latest news and updates on Playboi Carti.