Lately, Iggy Azalea has been making nothing short of big boss moves. In an astounding eight-figure deal, she sold a portion of her recording masters. Elsewhere, her venture into the adult world of OnlyFans is said to be bringing in plenty of cash as well. While some celebrities stay private about their choice to sell content on the adult site, the mother of one has been loud and proud about promoting her page.

After being on tour with Pitbull for some time, the Australian has had time to sit down for interviews once again recently. Of course, fans are dying to know all about her “spicy site.” Thankfully, she’s been happy to tell all to hosts like Andy Cohen and Emily Ratajkowski. While speaking with the former on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, she specifically spoke about some of the strangest requests that have come in so far from her subscribers.

Odd OnlyFans Inquiries

“They’ll send me like six hundred dollars just to send a voice note. Like, ‘I’d never suck your disgusting little f*cking d*ck! Is that even a d*ck? I wouldn’t even let my dog lick that d*ck,'” she laughed with the host earlier this month. Apparently, other users have also sent her money for simply calling them a “piece of shit.” Azalea says that it’s a game she’s become quite fond of playing in bed at night, getting paid to insult men while they send her hundreds.

She went on to tell Cohen, “‘They’ll be like, ‘Goddess Iggy. Please, please, please, please. I know that you don’t have time for my tiny little thing, but please can you just tell me what you think about it?'” In response to messages like this, the “Work” hitmaker reveals she demands $50 from the men for having her time tasted after insulting the size of their manhood. “And don’t you f*cking message me again unless you give me fifty dollars next time,'” she reportedly tells them afterward.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

In her aforementioned interview with EmRata, Azalea also dished about her OnlyFans account. She told the model that before, record labels and others on her team were profiting off her body more than she was. Now, the power is back in her hands as she controls what’s posted, when, and who has access to the content.

While her most salacious stuff remains on the pay-per-view page, the 32-year-old has been generous about supplying her audience with PG-13 thirst traps on Instagram. She continued her hot streak on Sunday (February), posing in a barely-there brown bikini in front of some beautiful greenery. Keep scrolling to see more of Azalea’s recent salacious uploads from her Instagram feed, and check back later for more pop culture news.