You miss every shot you don’t take, and Druski is making his crush on Ice Spice known. The comedian has been lighting up the Hip Hop scene and has even shared the stage with several of our favorite artists. His good friend Jack Harlow has supported him at every turn, and thanks to Druski’s success, he’s launched other business ventures.

It’s common to find hilarious videos of Druski on social media, and often, he pops up on Livestream with his famous peers. Last month, he was seen with GloRilla and later Ice Spice. According to a new interview on Club Shay Shay, he’s trying to get to know the “Munch” rapper better.

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“That’s who it was. Ice Spice. I was trying to get with Ice Spice,” Druski told Shannon Sharpe. “That was me. I still ain’t got a chance. I mean, I tried.”

Sharpe tried to encourage the comedian. “You can get her info!”

Druski replied, “Come on, man. You gotta let it ride. Gotta let it come to you. So, right now, I’m in that process. Shawty, if you watchin’, I’m here.”

Sharpe was under the impression that Druski at least had Ice Spice’s phone number.

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“Nah, I don’t got her number,” the comedian answered. “How I said it—you gotta let it come to you ’cause at the end of the day, I’m the prize!”

Sharpe added that Spice is also a prize, so she and Druski could be two prizes coming together.

Druski played it cool and joked, “Yeah, she’s somethin’. She got a little something on her.” He was then asked if he was just kidding around or if he was seriously interested in the “In Ha Mood” rapper.

“I really would—I like shawty,” he said. “I ain’t—that’s why I told her, it ain’t even about the music and all that. To me, you gon’ get me.”

We’ll have to see what Ice Spice has to say, but as we wait, check out the clip above and the full interview below.