The Zeus network scored a huge payday with their Crazy in Love series, but not everyone is happy about Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s behavior. The volatile couple regularly trends on social media due to their public arguments that often turn explosive. Several videos of the pair engaging in physical altercations have circulated from one platform to the next. Now, the world is seeing this play out on their reality television series.

Most recently, in an episode, Rock was seen giving Blueface aid after she reportedly threw a glass at the back of his head. In the clip, Blueface looked stunned and stayed silent as his girlfriend treated his wounds.

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Popular blogs have shared Crazy in Love as Zeus amasses more viewers by the hour, but in mentions and comment sections, the pushback is palpable. For months, critics have called out the couple for their often hostile behavior toward one another. Still, the pair haven’t separated and continue to play out their domestic affairs for a profit.

The latest episodes of the series have caused even more of an uproar. Blueface and Rock are seen confronting one another’s families, and things quickly turn violent in both instances.

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During a recent interview with Angela Yee’s Lip Service, Rock was asked about her relationship being labeled as “toxic.” She seemingly dismissed the claim.

“I don’t have a dead-end situation. It’s not one time I can’t bring God into a situation,” she said. “I can pray with this n*gga, I can make money with this n*gga, I can travel with this n*gga, I really feel like that’s longevity.”

Some have accused Zeus of capitalizing on domestic violence and glorifying it as a normal part of relationships. The network hasn’t answered the ongoing claims.

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