Just a week after 22-year-old Chrisean Rock was arrested in Arizona for hitting her boyfriend, Blueface, more than once, TMZ cameras caught up with the couple at LAX, chatting with them about the heated incident that ultimately got the reality star locked up for a brief period.

“What have you learned from this past month or so about your relationship, and how to conduct yourself?” a journalist asked the pair, who can be seen holding one another close as they stand in the parkade. “Tell ’em,” Blueface urged his partner.

Rock responded with a questionable answer, saying, “Not to hit him in public,” which earned a nervous laugh from Blueface and some interrogation from the cameraman. “Not to hit him in public?” he asked. “What about in private?”

“F*ck more,” she offered as a solution to avoid engaging in violence.

“Are you guys addressing any of those issues you had so you can learn from them and be better?” the TMZ reporter pressed the pair. “Yeah, ‘cuz I don’t wanna go to jail again,” Rock admitted.

When asked what sort of behaviours they’re practicing to make themselves better for one another, the 22-year-old said, “Travel and make more money.”

“Are you talking to professionals, like are you trying to manage your levels of aggression or anything like that?” the interviewer continued, at which point Rock pondered, “Should we?” and Blueface said, “I ain’t got no aggression, that’s her.”

The pair continued to admit that they’re not exactly taking any “practical” steps toward healing their traumas and correcting their attitudes, but when asked if they’re worried a blowout might happen again, Rock immediately responded, “No.”

Blueface, on the other hand, admitted that he is worried, causing Rock to get visibly upset and pull away from his embrace. “Babe, can you stop playing,” she said. “He’s just saying dumb shit for the camera. It’s not funny, it’s annoying. I hate that shit, I hate when you do this.”

Though things got admittedly tense for a moment as the reality star looked ready to cry, at the end of the clip she promises to not get into any more physical altercations with Blueface again.

“You heard it here first, bro,” the “Thotiana” hitmaker said with a smile. “You guys are great, and I just hope that you can find peace in your relationship,” the reporter told them.

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