Deb Antney Says OJ Da Juiceman Is A "Real Street Guy," Gucci Mane Isn't

The music manager is also denying claims made by OJ last year.

BYIsaac Fontes
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Collage of Deb Antney & OJ Da Juiceman

Deb Antney is speaking out against one of her former clients. In a recent press run, the music manager responds to some past claims from OJ Da Juiceman.

Last year, the "Make the Trap Say Aye" rapper made some bold accusations against his former manager.

Deb Antney attends "Hip Hop Uncovered" Atlanta Premiere at Oak Atlanta. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

While appearing on the Big Facts podcast in March last year, he claimed to have signed a bad deal with Antney and her record label, Mizay Entertainment. He alleges to never seeing any money from his 2009 album, The Otha Side of the Trap.

Antney's son is none other than Waka Flocka Flame, who later came to his mother's defence. The two went back and forth via their Instagram stories. "Bruh, you lame as f*ck, talkin' 'bout n****s stole from you. P*ssy ass n***a. You know who stole from you, you lame ass n***a. Stop puttin' that sh*t on my mama," the "No Hands" rapper clapped back in response.

In an interview with the Ugly Money Podcast earlier this week, the music manager denies these claims from OJ. When asked about it, she opens up about the situation. "Every interview I ever did, I tell people I neglected him. And I'll sit here and say that right now, to this day, still, I neglected him because he didn't give me no fever. Juice was good. He was quiet, no matter what he did," she exclaimed.

Furthermore, she took some time to set the record straight about OJ and his frequent collaborator, Gucci Mane. "He was really the street one. It wasn't Gucci, it was him. He was the street guy. That's who the real street guy was, Juice. But he wanted to change his life. He really wanted to change his life," she claims.

At the end of the clip, however, she sounds confused as to why the Atlanta rapper would've made these accusations. "All the stuff that we did together that you wanted to do, why would you lie on me and say that I did that to you? Why? You know I didn't do that to you," she says afterwards.

Antney has also managed Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj in the past. She was also a cast member in seasons three-six of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.

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