What We Got

K’Ron delivers the new track “What We Got.”

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Hot off the buzz created by "Done", his most recent release, R&B artist K'Ron is back with a new single "What We Got." Best known for the viral hit "Round of Applause," the Washington/DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area singer aims to breakout in 2017.

"What We Got" is a mellow, poppy track that will remind you of summertime jams. Hunga does an amazing job on production. The track will have you vibin' in the dead of winter. K'Ron sings about seducing, professing and proving his love to a gorgeous girl while other guys want to "steal his job."

Stream K'Ron's "What We Got" right here.

Quotable Lyrics

Can no bitches come in between what we got 
You the only girl I want to tie the knot
Imma do the dash and pull up at your block
Imma leave it running when I drop the top
Screamin' when we sexin' we don't want to stop
You got my attention, put them hoes on block

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