Lil Yachty has been quick to cite Soulja Boy as one of his idols in interviews, but it appears the two may not be on the best of terms at the moment — at least that’s how Soulja is framing it. On Friday night, Soulja posted a number of photos of himself and model India Love with captions like “I miss you” and “I love you.” Not long after, he shared a text conversation with Lil Yachty in which the rapper suggested that India was his girl, and requested that the photos be taken down.

The text seemed like it could have been a harmless joke on Yachty’s part, but later on, Soulja seemingly offered a response to the texts in an Instagram caption “How this your girl when I been rocking with her before you,” he said.”How she your girl and we been rocking for YEARS. If she yours post a pic wit her oh I forgot u never even met her before.”

Shortly after that, Soulja posted a photo holding a gun with the caption “who want smoke,” which commenters quickly assumed was a threat to Yachty.

Meanwhile, India seemed pretty confused by the whole situation.

Last we heard, Lil Yachty was going to join Soulja Boy and Lil B on the sequel to their 2010 mixtape Pretty Boy Millionaires. Will they make amends and get that project off the ground? Is this all just a big joke? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Listen to Soulja Boy’s new collaborative tape with Bow Wow, Ignorant Shit, here. Check out Yachty’s new collaboration with Charli XCX “After The Afterparty” here.

UPDATE: Soulja has continued to diss Lil Yachty on Instagram, going as far as to physically threaten him. “You ain’t never even met this bitch in your life,” he says. “I will slap the shit out of you, n*gga! Fuck Lil Boat!” In a second clip, he denounces Yachty as a “groupie” and calls his music “wack as fuck.” Meanwhile, Yachty has remained positive about the situation, tweeting that there’s “no beef” on his side. However, he has suggested that “fuckin wit da boat you gone sink.”

Watch his most recent videos below.

UPDATE: India Love has stressed that she doesn’t have “have ANYthing to do with that boy. AT all..” and has questioned Soulja Boy’s implications about their relationship.

Soulja Boy x Lil Yachty

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