Nicki Minaj has been all over Paris Fashion Week, but one outfit in particular has been causing a lot of conversation. Nicki showed up to an event in what was essentially half a blouse, exposing her full left breast, which she concealed with nothing but a nipple pasty.

After the surprise at Minaj’s boundary-pushing outfit wore off, questions of whether the getup was Lil Kim-inspired began to surface. Anyone who was around for the 1999 VMAs will remember Kim’s similarly provocative and asymmetrical ensemble. Given the fact that Nicki and Kim have had issues in the past, it seemed unlikely that Minaj would be paying tribute to her sworn enemy, and she seems to have attempted to clarify the inspiration.

Reposting French fashion icon Caroline De Maigret’s photo on Instagram, Nicki has pointed to a 1907 painting by the one and only Pablo Picasso which definitely resembles her look. It’s unclear if this was the direct inspiration for the Mugler top, or whether Minaj is simply letting us know that the idea’s been around for over a hundred years. Check out the post below, and check out Kim’s 1999 VMA outfit in the gallery above.