It’s safe to say that Gucci Mane has seen a transformation for the better while being incarcerated over the past couple years. He’s lost his belly, gained a 6-pack of abs, and changed his vocabulary entirely all while being locked up. But that’s not all that’s different with ATL legend, Gucci’s infamous “ice cream cone” tattoo on his face appears to be gone as well, or really well hidden anyways, and it’s got people making some wild accusations because of it. There’s an actual conspiracy going around on the internet that the government has cloned Gucci and who we are seeing now isn’t the real Guwop.

Check out the “proof” & claims that these conspiracy theorists have to say, before hearing what Gucci had to say in response Tuesday afternoon.

It appears Gucci Mane himself is getting a kick out of the rumors as well, because on Tuesday he decided to respond to them directly in a snap chat video. Neither confirming or denying the allegations, Gucci had the following to say, “I will neither support nor deny those accusations”…


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Gucci Mane Addresses Conspiracy Theory That He's A Government Clone