50 Cent is ending the decade exactly how he started it: by trolling some of his friends into oblivion. Things used to be different for the world-famous New York rapper. He used to attack his enemies on record, releasing scathing diss tracks and attempting to end careers with them. Now, Fif brings his business to social media and handles it with pure pettiness. For Christmas this year, the entrepreneur bought himself a brand new Bugatti Chiron, flexing the 2020 model for all of his fans to swoon over. This morning, it was revealed that French Montana spent a cool $1.5 million on a Bugatti of his own. According to 50 Cent though, Montana's whip doesn't even compare to his own new wheels. Even though the star is recovering from a recent health scare in the hospital, Fiddy isn't about to go easy on him.

Posting a photo of himself in a hospital bed surrounded by stuffed animals, 50 Cent trolled the life out of French Montana by alleging his new car is already ten years old. "I’m in the hospital so sick of n***as," he wrote. "That’s a 2010 Veyron man, you shoulda just got the Uber app on ya phone it’s 2020 Chiron Man hahaha Put that bullshit back on that truck."

In case you were confused about what Fif was possibly referring to, he included a screen capture of French Montana and his new whip in the gallery. Clearly, Curtis isn't into anybody upstaging him.