When it comes to the art of trolling, 50 Cent is a master. The veteran rapper has developed a reputation as a person that no one wants to mess with—or owe money to. The list of people that Fif has had in his crosshairs is a lengthy one, and whenever he snaps at a target, he makes sure his bite is fierce. 

Occasionally, 50 Cent trolls a person for a specific purpose, let's say they own him a few stacks, and once his money has been paid back, the hip hop mogul doesn't speak about them again. However, there are others that will never hear the last of Fif's criticisms, like Wendy Williams. Fifty has made it clear that his beef with Williams will never end, at least for him, because after years of judgments, he believes she deserves it.

“I don’t like her," he toldHollywood Life. "You know why? She said things about me consistently over the years and it was at points that I was not necessarily in control of the things that she was talking about and you’ll find it's really not...When you’re sensitive to certain things...people are really not just using it for their personal content and gain. But now that she’s successful, I can say things about her. If she wasn’t as successful, I wouldn’t even be talking about her. It would be me bullying a woman."

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images


“Her being so successful and people are aware of how she had that success," he added. "She did it for talking about people. When Britney Spears is shaving her head and umbrella at the camera, it’s not because she doesn’t have a hit record, it’s because of her personal life. And that image, if you Google it, it’s wider than her album covers because people love trouble. And turmoil."

The Power producer also talked about why he enjoys trolling people so much. “Well, people troll me and I’m being jokey constantly and I’m watching and acclimated to their concept of how to deal with things. Nobody sees it when they’re doing it to me, but me, constantly. And then, when I start to respond that way they go, 'He’s doing it, too!'"