Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson cares about a lot of people. There's his son Sire, his girlfriend Cuban Link, and... well, that's about it. The only other person that ever crosses the rapper's mind in a positive manner is himself. 50 Cent absolutely loves himself and he'll constantly lay out reminders that he's the king of his own world (and ours too?), dropping racks on lavish gifts to place under his own Christmas tree. You had to already know that Jackson would be making it rain on himself this holiday season. He does almost every time Christmas rolls around. This year, he got a little extravagant though.

The iconic rapper went deep in his bank account to spoil himself for another year, buying a new car (what else?) and dressing up as Santa Claus to deliver a cheerful message to his fans. "Don't drink and drive. Just drink... don't drive," said Fif, sipping on his sponsored brand of Branson cognac in his brand new 2020 Bugatti Chiron. He munched on some ice cubes before hopping out and showing off the exclusive whip, flexing the blue interior and noting that he's getting rid of the "old shit" and welcoming in the new. Only, for Fiddy, the "old shit" was probably a $250K Lamborghini... You need my address, Fif?

Take a look at Curtis' gift to himself. Happy holidays, everyone!