50 Cent may have dissed Lil Wayne in the past, a feud largely sparked by Weezy's perceived disrespect of Eminem, but Fif has since come to appreciate his fellow hip-hop legend. During his role as a part-time societal commentator, 50 has grown accustomed to weighing in on damn near every headline that befalls his timeline. As it happens, Fif happened to have a thought or two about Lil Wayne and Denise Bidot's widely publicized breakup. 

50 Cent LiL Wayne

Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

With the split being originally reported as Bidot having dumped Weezy over his Trump allegiance, it soon became noted that it was he who walked away from the relationship. In fact, she adamantly denied being the one to call it quits, going so far as to delete her Instagram page entirely. As for Weezy, it would appear that he's in the midst of preparing himself for bachelorhood, penning a cryptic declaration on his own Twitter page. Either way, 50 Cent appears particularly amused by it all, taking to Twitter to have a laugh at the idea that someone would dare dump Lil Wayne in the first place. 

"Dumped," he writes, sharing TMZ's initial report of the Weezy-Bidot breakup. "You can’t dump little wayne. Now you can leave, if you going than go but somebody’s waiting for the job. LOL." Clearly, Fif feels that being a hip-hop legend is not without certain privileges, and while it may be difficult to retain a long-term relationship, it's never hard to spark something in the short term. The ol' revolving door model -- though to be fair, it didn't work out quite so effectively in the G-Unit lineup. 

Check out 50's take on Weezy's breakup below.