For years, 50 Cent has been harassing his former G-Unit bandmate Young Buck for allegedly having relationships with transgender women. Buck has spoken about the rumors of him being attracted to trans women, chalking it up to being catfished, but the humiliation has ensued for far too long. 

Last week, Young Buck was reportedly in court for a case against his ex-girlfriend regarding a shooting incident. Blogger Tasha K, who has had problems in the past with Cardi B, reported on the case with the headline, "Young Buck COMES OUT of The Closet." During her three-minute video, she never actually spoke about Buck coming out of the closet as she suggested -- instead, she spoke about how his ex alleges he's been sleeping with gay men and trans women during their relationship, which is what sparked a domestic incident between them.

Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty Images

As you would expect after years of coming after his former friend with homophobic and transphobic remarks, 50 Cent had something to say about the latest wrinkle in this story, reposting Tasha K's video and adding his commentary.

"SMH why he didn’t just say he was gay," said Fif. "There is nothing wrong with it Buck. But you can’t be putting your hands on no women because she keep catching you."

Young Buck hasn't actually "come out" of the closet. He has yet to make any recent public statements about his sexuality. However, for all this to be happening during Pride Month is a little unsettling.

Check out 50's post below.