Anytime you see Young Buck's name in the news, it's rarely for something good. At this point in his career, through years of beefing with 50 Cent, he has been overlooked by many. He's still got bars and he's still releasing music but, for the most part, the only things that make the news circuit are his mishaps.

This time, he's in the headlines because of a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, who reportedly fired a gun during their recent fight.

As reported by TMZ, the former G-Unit member is doing fine after his girlfriend is said to have shot a firearm during their stand-off at a home in Tennessee. The media outlet says that the two were involved in some sort of argument when Buck's girlfriend got hold of a firearm and let off a few rounds. It's unclear if she was aiming at the rapper or in his direction.

Buck's girlfriend was reportedly arrested and booked for reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon. 

It has not been determined what the fight was about and why a gun was fired.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The rapper has not responded to the reports, simply wishing his fans a good morning today and going on with his day.

We'll keep you posted if more details arise.