50 Cent is many things to a lot of different people. As much as he's known as a rapper, he's equally earned a reputation for being a ruthless debt collector. He's willing to go to court or even send someone to the hospital over unpaid loans. But that doesn't mean he's not charitable in his own right.

ABC6 Actions News reports that 50 Cent took a trip to Camden, New Jersey right before school started to bless the kids with his presence, and new backpacks. The rapper showed face at Coopers Poynt Family School in Camden and had a little fun with the kids over there. He handed out backpacks and shot hoops with the students. Whether or not they were G-Unit branded backpacks hasn't been revealed.

In other 50 Cent-related news, the rapper has been promoting the latest season of Power. Over the past few weeks, it's stirred up a bit of controversy after Fif decided to remove Joe from the theme song and replace him with none other than Trey Songz. Unfortunately for Trey, this sparked a ton of backlash and pressure on Fif to bring it back to the original. Surprisingly, Fif did crack under the pressure and announced that he'd be bringing back the original theme song to Power next week. He also revealed that it'll be his directorial debut.

Needless to say, Fif's been one busy guy this week.