It looks like 50 Cent may have changed his mind. Then again, he could be trolling us all. The rapper-turned-businessman has been bathing in the good reviews for Power, but battling the criticism of the updated theme song. When Power's final season premiered last weekend, Joe's voice was replaced with Trey Songz, which caught many viewers off guard. The remix was a nice change of pace after several years, but those who deemed the opening a classic sought to get the remix removed. Social media lit up and attacked 50 Cent and Trey Songz, which has spawned a hilarious back and forth between the artists and the fans. Alas, it seems as if the fans have won. 

"My IG has been disabled because I’m tired of ya mouth," wrote Fif' on an IG post. "I don’t like the shit you been saying to me about the theme song. So I’m gone for the weekend. I’ll change it next week. 🤨 leave me alone fool." His words don't feel too genuine though, so we'll have to wait until episode 3 to see what Fif' will do. The second episode of Power premieres tonight, and you can catch our weekly recap of Ghost's trials and tribulations on Monday mornings.