50 Cent has spent the majority of 2019 establishing himself as hip-hop's biggest loanshark. His alter-ego, Fofty, has popped up on numerous times over the past few months, taking to the 'Gram to publicly humiliate anyone who owes him money. His antics have caused some to go to court and file harassment claims while others have been sent to the emergency room due to the public humiliation. Unfortunately, not everyone has learned from the mishappenings of others including one actor who woke up in fear and in debt.

Tyhem Commodore took to Instagram after a long night of partying with 50 Cent and the gang at Pier 115 in New Jersey. Now, we all know that 50 Cent has a lot of money but even then, it's a terrible idea to accept anything from him. Commodore learned the hard way. So, Commodore that he was turning up at the club when 50 Cent handed him a bottle of Le Chemin Du Roi. Although he thought it was simply a gratuity from the evening's host, it turned out to be apart of a slippery slope.

"He pass it to me, I'm like that's wassup. I'm like, "I'm good?' And he like, 'Do you," Commodore recounted before explaining that Fif was trying to give him more bottles even though he wasn't done the first. "So, I owe 50 Cent money. I owe 50 money. I know I shouldn't have even went to that shit... This whole weekend is set up to owe -- he know what he doin'. I know he knows what he doin' like that whole time."

Peep the clip and 50's response below.