Power fans have spoken in great numbers; they want Joe reinstated on the show's "Big Rich Town" theme. Although Power's six and potentially final season is scheduled to debut tonight, so those fans who are crying foul, somehow landed upon an illegal feed, ahead of schedule. Regardless, one thing's for certain: either Trey Songz hasn't won over the it-crowd, or is it that Power fans simply don't respond well to change - which begs the question, how will THEY manage without the show when it goes off the air?



What I gather is actually happening here, is that Power fans have grown angsty without their dearly beloved programming - akin to the way Games of Thrones reacted to every fork in the storyline. There's a lesson to be learned; putting too much stock in a television program always ends with massive withdrawal. Surely, Trey Songz' promotion to the main theme was meant as nothing more than a racing stripe or a neat little Xmas decoration. Would the show's core fans be better served critiquing the actual storyline? That's for them to decide.

Above (and below) I've scrounged some of the saltier takes to make the rounds this morning/afternoon. You'll note, not everyone was displeased with the alteration, but at least 80% of them were and will bemoan the slightest change. Where do you stand on the love/hate spectrum? Comment Below.